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Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic is the word that links psychotherapy and counselling with the deeper work of psychoanalysis, traditionally based in the theory and practice of thinkers like Freud and Jung.  Nowadays we also draw on other theories and in contemporary psychodynamic therapy the relationship between client and the therapist is one based on attunement, empathy and acceptance, a working alliance which fosters trust and understanding which will help to facilitate self awareness, opening up the opportunity for change and the potential for future development.  


The therapist is mindful of the client's real world whilst working therapeutically to assist understanding and resolution of conflicts in the client's inner world.  Our inner world contains ideas and images formed by relationships with those who were significant to us in childhood.  The way we experienced these relationships can shape the way we relate throughout our lives and it is often this way of being that causes us to lose our way sometimes or to keep repeating the same mistakes.  Coming to some understanding of this can help us face change, gain a greater sense of our place in the world, help to resolve issues and give us an increased sense of  fulfillment.




To give a thing a name, a label, a handle; to rescue it from anonymity, to pluck it out of the Place of Namelessness, in short to identify it - well, that's a way of bringing the said thing into being.  H Segal